How do I know if I have AT&T phone insurance?

How do I know if I have AT&T phone insurance?
Visit or call 888-562-8662 to check current eligibility.

Can a reported stolen phone still be used on WIFI?
Though Wifi can still be used, text messages cannot be sent/received.

What must customers do before their iPhone is lost or stolen so their claim is eligible for coverage?
For You to be eligible for a Theft or Loss Service Event, you must have Find my iPhone enabled on Your Covered Device at the time of the Theft or Loss and this must remain enabled, and Your Covered Device must remain associated with Your Apple ID, throughout the Theft or Loss claims process.

How much is it to replace a lost iPhone?
On top of the purchase price of your new iPhone, combined with the upfront payment for the AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss service, replacing a lost or stolen iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone X will cost you an additional $269. Replacing an iPhone XR or an iPhone 7 or 8 Plus will drain you of $229 more.

What is a loss covered by insurance?
This is an injury, death, property loss or legal liability, for which an insurance company will pay benefits under the terms of the policy.

Who is the insurance carrier for AT&T?
*AT&T Mobile Insurance is insurance underwritten by Continental Casualty Company, a CNA company (CNA), and administered by Asurion Protection Services, LLC (In California, Asurion Protection Services Insurance Agency, LLC, CA Lic.

What does AT&T do when you lost a phone?
Lock or wipe your device using an activated AT&T or third-party app or add-on2 that was activated before the device was lost or stolen. Suspend service and block your device from our network if it’s stolen. Change your passwords for other accounts on your device.

Do I have to pay if I lost my phone?
Your bill is still due as usual when your phone is lost or stolen, including your monthly plan/service costs as well as any applicable device payments and device protection charges.

How much do you pay for lost iPhone?
Under AppleCare+, each accidental damage incident is subject to a service fee of $29 for screen or back glass damage or $99 for other accidental damage. Each incident of theft or loss is subject to a deductible of $149.

How long do I have to add AT&T insurance?
Device eligibility Sign up within 30 days of service activation or device upgrade. When you’re ready to add device protection, choose from: AT&T Protect Advantage for 4.

How much does it cost to return a phone to AT&T?
You can exchange a phone or device one time within 30 days of the shipment date. A restocking fee of up to $55 for devices, not including tablets or iPads, may apply except where prohibited. A restocking fee of 10% of the sales price applies to tablets and accessories over $100, except where prohibited.

How do I make an AT&T claim?
Go to or call us at 888.562.8662 to start a claim. The maximum value per claim is $2,500.

What to do if I bought a lost iPhone?
Contact the Carrier with the IMEI If you can’t find the carrier’s name on the phone, you can also often look up the carrier using an IMEI lookup website. The carrier likely won’t provide you with any private information but will help you connect with the owner of the lost or stolen iPhone.

What is the deductible for a lost iPhone?
Under AppleCare+, each accidental damage incident is subject to a service fee of $29 for screen or back glass damage or $99 for other accidental damage. Each incident of theft or loss is subject to a deductible of $149.

What if I reported my phone lost and found it?
Lost your phone, reported it, then found it again? That’s fine, you can still sell it on. Just call up the same number you used to report it – as well as your network’s customer service – and tell them you’ve found it again and all is well.

Does my phone need insurance?
If you bought your phone through an installment plan, and have paid it off, you probably don’t need phone insurance. However, before dropping coverage, determine whether you can afford to buy a new phone if yours is damaged, lost, or stolen. Phone insurance is not for people who buy inexpensive phones.

What to do if I lost my new phone?
Try Calling Your Number Immediately when – Lost my Phone. Lock Down Your Phone Right Away. Track Your Phone Using GPS when Lost my Phone. Lost my Phone – Erase All the Data Remotely. Report Your Stolen or Lost Phone to the Cops. Deactivate Your SIM Card.

Does iPhone insurance cover lost or stolen?
Both AppleCare+ options provide repair or replacement hardware service for your iPhone. Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll get unlimited incidents of accidental damage protection and up to two incidents of theft or loss coverage every 12 months. Each incident is subject to a service fee or deductible.

How long is the waiting period for ATT insurance?
30-day waiting period after enrollment for non-connected devices is required before coverage applies. Once a claim is approved your mobile number (connected device) or device (non-connected device) is registered and will remain registered as one of your four covered mobile number/devices for a period of 12 months.

Can I get new iPhone if I lost my iPhone?
If your missing iPhone is covered by AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, file a claim for an iPhone replacement.


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