How much HDB can I afford?

How much HDB can I afford?
Pay 30% Of The Property Price The first condition is to have sufficient cash or CPF balance to pay at least 30% of the purchase price of the HDB flat. This amount would cover the downpayment, legal fees, and other related miscellaneous expenses.

How do I take professional pictures with my iPhone for real estate?
Selecting the right gear. Using High Dynamic Range (HDR) tools. Paying attention to composition. Checking for clutter. Keeping it level and steady.

What format is best for real estate photos?
Real estate photos should be 1024 x 768 according to Stellar MLS. Other MLS systems might have different requirements and may allow larger images. You must check with your local MLS requirements in order to deliver a size that is usable by the agent and that looks good also.

Can you use iPhone 13 for professional photography?
The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are both capable of shooting professional-quality video along with high-resolution photography.

Do professional photographers use iPhone cameras?
Then you’re in the right place. Apple offers some of the best cameras to be found on smartphones, especially if you have the latest iPhone Pro or Pro Max. Even professional photographers are using iPhones for some photography work and there’s no denying that it’s possible to get incredible shots.

Do you have to edit real estate photos?
In real estate photography, basic photo editing is a must. No matter how good the raw inputs are, you still need to edit them to make sure your clients receive the best quality photos.

Why do photographers use iPhones?
The iPhone is your lightweight alternative. With the development of iPhone camera-sized accessories, such as lenses and tripods, taking amazing photos with an iPhone is easier than ever. And, with endless iPhone camera apps to choose from, iPhone photography can be shot and edited as well as any DSLR camera.

What is the best video setting for real estate on iPhone?
1080 HD and 4K resolutions are the two most commonly used to provide top-notch quality when shooting real estate videography with smartphones because they capture maximum detail per frame.

Why are my iPhone 13 photos blurry?
If your iPhone 13 photos are blurry, this is likely because your camera is shifting between lenses when it shouldn’t be. To fix blurry photos, enable Macro Control and turn off Lens Correction in the Settings app.

How do I make my iPhone 13 Camera clearer?
On iPhone 12 models, iPhone 13 models, and iPhone 14 models, the Lens Correction setting adjusts photos taken with the front camera or Ultra Wide camera for more natural-looking results. Lens Correction is on by default. To turn off Lens Correction, go to Settings > Camera, then turn off Lens Correction.

What is the score to pass the res exam?
The passing mark for each examination paper is 60% and is subject to review by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA).

What is the best lens for real estate photography iPhone?
When looking to purchase a lens to use with your iPhone, we recommend using an 18mm lens for the most realistic results. The Momentum Wide Lens is the best to buy when using your smartphone for real estate photography, as it is affordable and provides accurate images.

Is iPhone good for real estate photography?
When using an iPhone, you should remember that you won’t be able to adjust real estate photography camera settings, which makes this option less suitable for those who use a professional camera. However, the key advantage of recently released iPhones is that their cameras support HDR bracketing shooting mode.

How do I take high resolution photos with my iPhone 13?
Go to Settings > Camera > Formats to change the way your device saves photos and videos. Select High Efficiency to save photos in the HEIF format. This tends to be higher quality.

Should real estate photography be RAW or JPEG?
Real estate photography professionals should always shoot RAW. For starters, the RAW file format, in contrast to JPEG, records every bit of image data that the sensor is capable of recording. Contrarily, JPEG uses compressed information that may lower the image quality when editing.

Does iPhone take high quality photos?
Whether you have an older device or the iPhone 14, there are an array of features and settings available to help you get the best photos out of Apple’s smartphone. The iPhone is capable of taking high-quality photos and selfies right out of the box.

How can I be the best photographer for my iPhone?
Analyze Other People’s Photos. One of the best ways to improve your iPhone photography is to look at other people’s photos. Experiment With A New Genre. Take Lots Of Photos. Shoot With Other Photographers. Conquer Your Fears & Learn From Mistakes. Learn By Teaching Others.

Are iPhone cameras better than digital cameras?
Digital cameras give you more flexibility when it comes to lenses and accessories, but smartphones are much better for quickly sharing your images and video online. In deciding which is best for you, you’ll need to decide which factor is most important for you.

How do you make real estate pictures pop?
All you have to do is take lots and lots of photos from different angles, trying your best to bring out the feature you’re looking to emphasize. Use the rule of thirds and move around the room a bit, bringing the camera low to the ground or high above your head if necessary.

Does iPhone 13 have high resolution Camera?
The iPhone 13 has two 12-megapixel rear cameras: one with a wide (ƒ/1.6 aperture) lens and the other with an ultra-wide (ƒ/2.4 aperture) lens. The front, or selfie camera, has a 12-megapixel camera with an ƒ/2.2 aperture lens.


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