Is MOT check free?

Is MOT check free?
How do I check my MOT? Simply enter your vehicle registration to check your MOT expiry date for free. You can also view the full MOT & Mileage history your vehicle as part of the free car check.

How long before MOT shows on database?
How long does it take my MOT status to update online? You can usually expect the online MOT status page to update on the same day you get your certificate. However, it can sometimes take up to five days to refresh, so don’t worry if you’re not seeing it straight away.

How do I find out when my cars first MOT is due?
If you’ve got a fairly new car, check the date that the car was first registered – the first MOT is due three years after that first registration date. For example, if the vehicle registration was on 1 August 2019, the first MOT is due no later than 1 August 2022.

Do police scan for MOT?
According to the police, there are over 11,000 automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras across the UK, which check over 50 million records every single day. These cameras and police out on the road can automatically see whether your car has a valid MOT.

Do DVLA tell you when MOT is due?
When you sign up you’ll get a reminder: one month before your car, van or motorcycle MOT is due.

How far back do MOT records go?
Records are held for up to 10 years, so you will be able to check a detailed history of the vehicle, including: Its MOT passes and failures. Which parts of the vehicle failed the respective test.

How long can you go past MOT date?
The simple answer here is sadly no, there is no grace period for an MOT in the UK. There’s been a number of urban legends over the years. You might be hoping there’s a 14 day grace period, or some leeway for special cases, but unfortunately, that’s never been the case.

Can I print out a copy of my MOT certificate?
MOT’s are a legal requirement when you own a car over 3 years old, but until now if you lost that pesky piece of paper with any advisories on you had to pay to print it out. The DVSA has now launched a new service that means you can print your MOT certificate at home, all you need is your reg and V5C.

Is there a grace period for the first MOT?
If your MOT has expired, it is illegal to be driving on the road – and there is no official grace period to suggest otherwise.

When did car MOT start what year?
The test was introduced in 1960, requiring vehicles to undergo a first check after 10 years. It was changed in 1967 to 3 years. In 2016 (the most recent figures available), more than 2.4 million cars had their first MOT test, which costs owners a maximum of £54.85.

How do I check if my MOT is valid?
If you’re looking to buy a car, make sure you check that the current MOT certificate is genuine. Thankfully, it’s a breeze to do this – simple use this free MOT check from the DVLA. All you need is the car’s registration (number plate) and make (manufacturer).

Can you view MOT certificate online?
Anyone buying a car can check the MOT and tax status online, as all you need to do so is the registration number. If you have lost the certificate which you were handed at the time of the test, then you may decide not to bother getting a copy printed at all.

How long can you drive without MOT?
Is there ever a time I can drive without an MOT? The simple answer is, no, it’s illegal to drive without an MOT. If your vehicle is more than three years old, you can’t drive without an MOT unless you are driving to a pre-booked test at an authorised test centre.

Can police detect expired MOT?
After an MOT test, your garage will update passes and fails to the DVSA’s database. This information can be accessed by anybody with your number plate and could lead to prosecution. Systems on board police cars and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras can also flag cars without a valid certificate.

Is MOT now every 2 years?
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced in April 2022 that annual MOT tests could be extended to every two years under new laws.

Why is there no MOT history?
Why is there no MOT history available for my car? All vehicles in the UK require an annual MOT test on the 3rd anniversary after their registration date. If your car is younger than 3 years old it wouldn’t have had its first MOT yet. To check MOT history for vehicles older than 3 years visit Car Guide.

Are all MOT certificates electronic?
Along with your paper copy, the DVSA keeps an electronic record of your MOT test certificate. Whilst this electronic record will be used by police during any driving offences, it is highly recommended that you also keep your paper copy safe for certain circumstances.

How do you get a copy of MOT?
The service is available at To use it, you’ll need to enter your vehicle’s registration number and the 11-digit reference number from its V5C logbook.

How much does an MOT cost 2022?
MOT prices and deals at National Our standard online 2022 MOT price is just £39.99 – much less than the government maximum of £54.85.

How do you find out what damage has been done to a car?
The only way to prove what caused damage to your car is to have a valid accident report by the police, the road agency, or from the insurance company if the car was repaired by insurance. If there is no documentation, then there is no way to prove what really caused damage.


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