What does FFPU mean in selling?

What does FFPU mean in selling?
Others have been tripped up by a rule that acronyms, like ‘ISO’ meaning “in search of,” or FFPU “free for pick up” are also technically illegal.

What is NMD in property?
A no money down (NMD) purchase is a way of owning a property without making any financial contribution to its acquisition.

What does MFD mean in contract?
MFD State Contract means a state master contract brokered by DES for use by agencies and other authorized users for the lease, rental, or purchase of an MFD or a fleet of MFDs. Any managed print services provided to agencies under the MFD State Contract shall be provided gratis.

What does FS mean in property?
Fee Simple (FS) This is the way most of America owns property. You have a deed proving that you are a vested land owner.

Is a cap rate of 9 good?
A lower cap rate is generally associated with a safer or less-risky investment, while a higher cap rate will be associated with more risk. Many advisors will tell you that a high cap rate is better, or that a good cap rate is between 5% and 10%.

What is AOP in online selling?
AOP – Adjusted Operating Profit.

What does OBF mean in sales?
On-Bill Financing/Repayment.

What does QQ stand for sales?
(qq) means one-fourth (1/4th) of the Annual Contracted Quantity (ACQ).

Does real estate agents have basic salary?
Do Real Estate Agents Get a Base Salary? Most real estate agents are paid on a commission-only basis. But certain agents—including those who are employed by companies like Redfin—get a base salary plus bonuses.

What is the most admired real estate company?
Media Contact. CBRE Group, Inc. (NYSE:CBRE) is the top-ranked real estate company on Fortune’s 2023 World’s Most Admired Company roster.

What does FF mean in online selling?
Follow friday (#FF) Including someone in a #FF post is a way of recommending their account to your followers. Learn more: 40 Daily Hashtags Explained: What They Mean and How to Use Them.

What is Fullform MFD?
MFD Full Form in Mutual Funds | Mutual Fund Distribution. About Contact.

What does RR mean in real estate?
The rural residential (RR) zones are intended for land areas that are planned or are existing single-family rural residential areas characterized by moderately large parcels and with residential densities that range from one to two (2) dwelling units per acre.

What does TMO mean in real estate?
Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs)

What does FSM mean in selling?
Meaning: Free For Shipping.

What does FF DD mean?
Disease definition. Focal facial dermal dysplasias (FFDD) are rare ectodermal dysplasias, characterized by congenital bitemporal (resembling forceps marks) or preauricular scar-like lesions associated with additional facial and or systematic manifestations. 4 types of FFDD are described (FFDD I to IV; see these terms).

What does SPH mean in sales?
#2: Sale per Hour (Sales ÷ Hours = SPH), also known as SPLH or Sales per Labor Hour. This is a very typical retail industry metric that is used by companies both big and small. It typically has no variability factored in for high sales weeks versus low sales weeks.

What are the risks of short selling?
Risks of Short Selling The most common risks include the potential for unlimited losses, margin calls, and the potential for a short squeeze. If a short seller’s bet goes against them, they can be exposed to unlimited losses, as the stock price has no cap on how high it can go.

What is the most successful real estate company?
Largest Real Estate Companies Research Summary The largest real estate company in the world is Keller Williams Realty, with a revenue of $381.4 billion. As of 2023, the global real estate industry has a market size of $4.4 trillion. Over 5.8 million housing transactions were completed in the U.S. in 2022.

Is PropNex a good company?
Propnex Realty has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5, based on over 120 reviews left anonymously by employees.


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